Outdoor Dining and Design Guidelines for Pilot Parklet Program


Outdoor drawingTRIAL2color2The Planning Division has prepared design guidelines for outdoor dining to ensure quality outdoor seating areas, the appropriate use of the public sidewalks for outdoor dining and safety for pedestrians in Salt Lake City.

This project also introduces a pilot parklet program managed by the Transportation Division. A parklet is a small urban park, often created by replacing several under-utilized parking spots with a patio, planters, trees, benches, café tables with chairs, fountain(s), artwork, sculptures and/or bicycle parking.

The purpose of the parklet design guidelines is to create efficient uses of urban space, provide attractive additions to local streetscapes, invite people to sit and stay in public spaces, enhance walkability, and encourage business participation in a vibrant streetscape. Parklets are to be used as public space and are marked as such to promote use. Because the process for establishing parklets is still preliminary, these guidelines are subject to change at the discretion of the Salt Lake City Community and Economic Development Department. Parklet sponsors are responsible for conducting outreach, designing, funding, and constructing their parklets. They also assume liability for the parklet and ensure the parklet is well-maintained and kept in good repair.

To review the design guidelines click here.