Salt Lake City Council Adopts Community Preservation Plan

On October 23, 2012 the Salt Lake City Council adopted the Community Preservation Plan.
The Plan is the City’s first effort to think comprehensively about the role historic preservation and community character preservation play throughout all of Salt Lake City and what other tools may be available to preserve and stabilize neighborhood character other than historic preservation. The purpose of the Salt Lake City Community Preservation Plan is to address the important goals of historic preservation and community character preservation to ensure the continued preservation of the City’s neighborhoods and historic structures. What was the Process to develop the Plan?
The City Council originally funded the project in 2006 and the Planning Division hired Clarion Associates to develop a draft plan in 2007. At that time a stakeholders group was formed of members living in each city council district as well as citizens who have experience and interest in historic preservation. After much public input the Historic Landmark Commission and Planning Commission forwarded their recommendations to the City Council in September of 2009. Between 2009 and 2012, the City Council held many work sessions and public hearings on the plan. In November 2011, the City Council adopted its Preservation Philosophy that helped shape a revised plan that the City Council adopted on October 23, 2012.
How it the Plan Used?
This plan is intended to be used to guide future decisions and direct the City on how we practice historic preservation. The plan provides direction for requests to amend ordinances, how the City prioritizes projects to fund and how specific decisions on development projects are made. This plan is a key strategic document that will guide preservation activity into the future and determine the appropriate role historic preservation and community character preservation policies play in Salt Lake City.


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